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Protocols, error handling, and code modularity are just some of the questions your teams need to address before building a great API. Swagger provides tools for quickly prototyping and building your API’s functionality.

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Prototype APIs From The Design

Building APIs with the right logic and functionality fully in tune with the design can be challenging. Swagger Codegen can autogenerate your API’s boilerplate code in 20+ languages from your API’s design, allowing you to only focus on your API’s core business logic. In case your development teams need to work on different modules of code together, you can always use SwaggerHub’s code-generator for collaborative API development.

Generate SDKs to Increase Consumption

Your API consumers need easy-to-use client SDKs that help them reach their 200 response in the quickest way possible. Swagger Codegen changed the way developers build and maintain SDKs for their ever-changing APIs by letting them generate SDKs right from their OpenAPI definitions. SwaggerHub has the code generator built-in, providing a self-service mechanism for API consumers to download SDKs.

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Virtualize Base Operations

API development can be cumbersome when there's many dependencies on internal and external services. Mock your API's dependiencies, and interact with them before the actual service is built using SwaggerHub’s mocking capabilities. Save time and money, and easily interact with services defined in your API contract, making for faster development and better collaboration.

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