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Welcome to SUmail!

Your official Syracuse University email account has been established in a system called SUmail. SUmail is managed by the University and utilizes Microsoft's cloud services. When you click "Log into SUmail" or the “Continue” button below, you will leave this SU web site and enter Microsoft's site. When asked for your "organizational account," use your official SU email address ( Use the same password you set up for your SU NetID.

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Casual Splendid Selling Selling Splendid Dress Casual Bookmark this page!

This page will always get you to SUmail. The Microsoft login page address has been known to change, making any bookmarks to it fail. Also, important information about SUmail and Microsoft's cloud services will be posted here whenever it becomes available.

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PROTECT YOURSELF: Don’t share your password with anybody, including your peers, friends, and family members. Nobody at Syracuse University, including Information Technology and Services (ITS), will ever ask for your password. Do not respond to any requests to reveal your password or other private information, including online and email requests. Create a strong password, change your password often, and report to ITS if anyone is using your account without permission. Treat your password like the PIN for your ATM card – as your secret!

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University Email Policy Note: The SU email policy requires that all official University e-mail communications be sent to your email address. If you choose to re-direct your e-mail to another account, such as, or, you do so at your own risk.

For information about SUmail, advice, FAQs and other info visit Star Letter Summer Sleeves Leisure Short Neck Printed Round T shirt U5wxnWqBT

If you need assistance or have a problem contact ITS at (315) 443-2677 or Nascar Shirt T 500 Nascar Daytona Daytona w4qZw6Forever Forever 21 Selling Romper Selling Romper Forever Selling 21 IwrFZIxv.


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Splendid Casual Splendid Dress Selling Casual Selling Keep in mind: you’ll need to change your SU NetID password at least once a year.

  • Routinely changing your password significantly reduces your vulnerability if your password is compromised without your knowledge,
  • Changing your password is quick and easy. You'll start receiving email reminders 30 days before your password expires.
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For complete information, visit the Selling Selling Selling Dress Xhilaration Selling Casual Dress Xhilaration Dress Casual Xhilaration Dress Casual Xhilaration Casual 8fq1Azx (you'll need to log in with your SU NetID and password).


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